Finding an employee with the right set of skills and experience that can also fit within your organization’s culture is always a challenge. Chances are, you will never find a recruit that is a perfect fit for the vacant position, there will always be a gap that has to be filled through trainings and coaching. However, skills and experience are only half the story, an employee’s personality is just as important as his credentials. Hiring the wrong employee can have numerous adverse consequences on your company not only financially but also on the moral of the rest of the employees.

H.A. Consultancies provides Professional Recruiting Consultancy Services that follows a methodological approach towards the hiring process which ensures hiring employees that “best fit” your company.

The recruitment process does not end with signing the job contract. Any employee, new or experienced, will always have some skill gaps that need to be covered which is why a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) has to be conducted and trainings need to be identified, scheduled, and delivered. To that end, we have partnered with one of the leading training institutes in Bahrain, Oasis Training Centre, who have a wealthy experience in conducting training programs that are tailored to the needs of their students.

Benefits of our Professional Recruiting Consultancy Services

  • Assess the validity of the need for a new employee prior to even starting the recruitment journey.
  • Develop a strategy to identify and approach the right candidates.
  • Speed up the screening process by agreeing on the basic selection criteria.
  • A quantifiable evaluation and selection methodology that relies on numbers not feelings.
  • Reduce cost of re-hiring/re-training via increasing your employees’ retention rates.
  • A holistic approach covering everything from identifying the need for a new employee to training that employee and improving his performance and output.

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