Asterisk is an open source software used around the world in which PCs and servers can be used as a telephone system. It was developed in 1999 by Mark Spencer to meet various telephone communication scenarios for various type of businesses.

Conventional telephone systems often require additional hardware which can quickly increase the price per extension. However, Asterisk is a software solution and an ultimate alternative to hardware telephone systems.

It can become:

  • The basis for a complete business phone system,
  • or used to enhance or extend an existing system,
  • or to bridge a gap between systems.


Low cost turn-key solutionLow cost calling
Easy to use operationUnified communications features: Video, Presence, Instant Messaging, Fax
Open solution
– Ability to integrate telephony with other applications (CRM, Mapping , Easy administration)
Integration with Outlook for address books, email
Sophisticated features (Call queues, IVR, Conferencing, etc.)

Difference between Traditional Voice and Voice Over IP (VoIP):

Traditional Voice

  • Uses a dedicated link between callers

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  • Constant link is required even when there is no sound

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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

  • Technology that turns voice signals into data

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  • Already used by carriers

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  • Only requires link to send actual sound

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Switchvox is more than an IP PBX

Switchvox Features

  • Easy web-based management

  • Advanced Visibility with the Switchboard

  • Automatic Call Distribution (“Queues”)

  • Simple, Effective Reporting

  • Call Recording & Call Rules

  • Automatic Backups

  • Customizable Features

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Web User Portal

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Faxes to Email

  • Call Log, Call Cascade, Call Block