Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services – Risk Assessment and Management

When it comes to estimating cybersecurity risk, there is a lot of uncertainty, beginning with the likelihood of a breach and concluding with an estimate of the damage. It’s a good idea to split these items down and then concentrate on quantifying the ranges for each of them using data relevant to your organization. However, it is also necessary to evaluate the worth of the underlying item being safeguarded. What is the cost of compromising that asset and is the value of the increased expenditures necessary in cyber protection justified as a result?

Cybersecurity services – Gap Analysis

Before you start your journey of fortifying your cybersecurity infrastructure, policies, and procedures, you will need to know what is missing. Where do you stand versus the applicable standards? As a matter of fact, you will need to start with identifying the standards that apply to your organization in the first place. When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to eliminate the possibility of cyber-attacks. Usually, an organization would need to implement multiple standards to ensure the best levels of security which would require a multi-dimensional analysis of the existing policies and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity services – Training and Awareness

It is easy to imagine that network breaches are the work of cutting-edge hacker groups. In reality, a huge proportion of breaches are initiated using low-tech attack strategies such as phishing and social engineering. By having an end user reveal their login credentials or open a malicious attachment, attackers can penetrate networks that would otherwise be very difficult to breach. Enhancing your employee’s knowldge and awareness is a key factor to reduce the cyber attacks in your orginazation

Why H.A. Consultancies?

Our team of cybersecurity experts have extensive experience in implementing GRC systems and conducting trainings in the GCC as a whole. Our affiliations with consultancy firms and training centers in the region allow us to provide our clients with the best approaches and latest trainings to defend against cybersecurity threats and immune them against cyber attacks quickly and effectively.

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