Digital Marketing

“using digital channels to promote, or market, products and services to consumers and business.”

Search Plays an important role

  • 36% of consumers use online search in the path to purchase

  • 84% of smartphone & tablet owners use their devices as a second screen while watching television

  • Content Marketing by far is the best marketing strategy used today

  • More than twice as many people are searching about certain subject, as are reading about it on social media

This diagram demonstrates the top digital marketing techniques in 2017

This diagram demonstrates the share of ad spend around the world in 2015

Digital Marketing Channels


Search Marketing

  • Implement key concept, tactics and technical insights to search engines

  • Boosts organic search ranking of your business website through technical optimization, on-page and off-page SEO

  • monitoring, managing, analyzing, and reporting SEO activities to refine the search engine optimization

Digital Display Marketing

DDA Marketing

What is the business value from Digital Display Marketing ?

  • control target audience and measurement capabilities to achieve better ROI

  • user response: ability to generate clicks, interactions leading to a better conversions.

  • integration :  integrate with other aspects of digital marketing

Mobile Marketing

SMS & Mobile Ads Marketing

  • Optimizing the business website to be mobile responsive

  • Developing mobile apps (android & iOS)

  • Developing mobile marketing strategies and implementation

Pay per click

PPC Marketing

  • Pay per click (PPC) is the revenue model adopted by search engines whereby the advertiser only pays once a user clicks on an ad

  • Implementing PPC campaigns to fill in the gaps where the organic traffic is weak

  • Enhancing  visibility across paid and organic search results while targeting the right audience

Social Media Marketing

SMO Marketing

  • Drive online sales and traffic to the business site

  • highly targeted methods and lead generation

  • Enhance indirect sales by growing awareness and increasing brand consideration

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Enhancing the business email acquisition techniques

  • Building customers email database, while segmenting the data.

  • split testing to ensure the highest email open rate.

Social Media Marketing

What does social media marketing requires ?

  • people: person or a team

  • skills: digital marketing and social media marketing skills in both managing the social media and marketing. Moreover, analytics skills is required

  • Content budget: investment in creation of great content (images and video) and the text to get the right message to the right customer

What social media channels should I use ?

there are a lot of social media platforms and even there will be social media platform that will emerge in the future. should i go with Facebook because of its reach ? or should i go with Pinterest to target mostly females ? or i will use Instagram because it seems everybody is using it ?

We will help you decide which social media platform to target for you digital media marketing

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