SambaPOS is a complete restaurant and cafe POS software developed to help you run your business the way you want with minimal effort. It includes advanced features that provide your business with the best tools to meet your customers’ needs.

SambaPOS is one of the fastest and most reliable POS (Point of Sales) system

Why SambaPOS?

  • Allows you to control all your stock with the inventory and recipes system,
  • Automated reports system; to receive complete reports of your business anytime desired,
  • Management system for accounts; get sales reports by category, product, user, and type of payment,
  • Automated inventory system,
  • Allows to group, divide and merge orders,
  • Conveniently customizable

SambaPOS Features:

General Features:

  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • Unlimited menus, categories and products
  • Creation of products and product groups
  • Taking order by clicking on the product pictures
  • Group, split or merge orders
  • Printing from cash register and kitchen printers
  • Transfer payments to accounts as debts
  • Design unlimited floor and table layouts
  • End-of-day, sales and collections reporting
  • & more

Common Features:

  • Sale by product weight & barcode
  • Product search in menu
  • Authorized gifting and cancelling
  • Pre-defined product gifting
  • Automatically adding menu sub-features & Defining sub-feature page
  • Using devices vertically and horizontally
  • Adding special notes for orders & to tickets
  • Authorized discounts
  • & more

Printing Features:

  • Unlimited number of printers
  • Unlimited number of kitchen printers
  • Unlimited number of department printers
  • Printing order and ticket tags
  • Designing special printer template
  • Adding logo to receipt

Common Features for Restaurants:

  • Opening sub-ticket for one table
  • Product search in menu
  • Grouping, splitting, and merging orders
  • Splitting payments
  • Receiving payments in foreign currencies

Common Features for Fast Food:

  • Adding quick buttons for payment
  • Customizable numerator
  • Transferring fast food ticket to table
  • Merging tickets

Delivery / Takeaway Features:

  • Delivery tracking
  • Caller ID support
  • Identifying location on map
  • Delivery time tracking

Account System Features:

  • Defining unlimited accounts
  • Defining unlimited transaction documents
  • Payables and receivables
  • Customizable account screens

Inventory / Cost Features:

  • Periodic cost calculations
  • Adding unlimited products
  • Defining sub-products
  • Creating detailed receipts