Sell More With These Point of Sale Tactics

While you are waiting in queue at your favorite supermarket, rather than looking at the back of the customer in front of you, you try to find something interesting around you.


The perfectly displayed chocolate bars remind you of your hunger, so you decide to grab one. And that pack of 16 AA batteries looks interesting, and you remember how many remotes laying around in your house that will need couple of batteries. Finally, you reach the cash teller to complete your purchase only to find a receipt filled with extra items you did not wish to purchase in the first place.


The scenario above is called point of sale marketing. Point of sale marketing is all the efforts that will help you increase sales at the point of the actual sale. The most popular method is by displaying items alongside signage, and suggestive selling by the cash register teller.


Here are some ideas to help you sell more at your point of sale:


M&Ms Display

M&Ms Display


  • Grasp attention

Colorful and bright designs will attract the customer eyes. Use bold and large fonts that will match the design of the item to let the item shining from the display stand.

Try me Smart Lock

Try me Smart Lock

  • Feature Based

Try to communicate the benefits of the product to the customer in a clear and fun way. Also, add motivating call to action like “Buy Now” or “Try me” to create a desire.


  • Value added features

Adding coupons or immediate promotion such as buy one get one free will create that desire needed to help make the purchase.


  • Showcase your product

Visualize the use of your product or show a happy customer enjoying your product with a photo, video or a person in action.


QR Marketing

QR Marketing


  • Online integration

QR codes will allow customers to interact with the product using their mobile phones. Try to print a QR code into the product to enhance the experience of the buyer.


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