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Point of sale software, or POS software for short, have revolutionized the restaurants industry, particularly the fast food sector. Aldelo is one of the best POS software which contains many features that restaurant owners will find useful in running their business.

One of the best features in Aldelo which sets it out amongst other restaurant POS software is that it is user friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn. This means less time and money will be spent on training your team and more time utilized to tending to your customers.

Aldelo makes managing orders easy. Your servers will be able to transfer orders from one table to another or divide bills with just a few taps so they can accept payments as soon as customers are ready to pay. Moreover, Aldelo will you to process discounts and, if needed, you can limit the use of the discount feature by setting permissions and authority levels to each employee.

With Aldelo’s Enterprise Cloud subscription, you will be able to access your Aldelo restaurant management software’s back-end features from your tablet or any computer that has a browser and an internet connection. This will allow you to get all kinds of reports, including sales, voids, discounts, and more. Aldelo surpasses several of the best restaurant POS systems in its scheduling tools, a feature that many of its competitor’s lack. Another feature worth mentioning is its countdown list, which shows managers and servers a list of the menu items the restaurant is running out of.

Through the Aldelo Touch subscription, your servers will be able to take orders using an iPad. You can add images of your menu items on the app which is a useful feature for overcoming any language barriers between your customers and servers.

Aldelo Restaurant POS software includes the ability to add order modifiers, which helps you deliver orders to your customers’ custom specifications.

H.A. Consultancies are proud to be an Aldelo partner extending services to clients in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. To learn more about Aldelo and our other restaurant POS solutions, please visit our POS solutions page.


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