ISO 22301

ISO 22301

ISO 22301 Business Continuity is the coined term to refer to the strategies and planning by which organizations prepare to respond to catastrophic events such as fires, floods, cyber-attacks, accidents, human error or diseases.

A Continuity Management System Certificate (BCMS) certified under ISO 22301 – the most internationally accepted standard – helps organizations prepare for emergencies, manage crises and improve their operational recovery capacity, securing the supply chain and protecting itself, for example, its reputation in the face of a crisis. The changing environment surrounding organizations In the current context in which they operate, all organizations may be subject to disruptions such as technology failure, floods, fires, interruptions of public services or even a terror attack  

The consequences of unexpected business interruptions can be far-reaching and may involve the loss of goods and services, the loss of people’s lives, or the inability to deliver key products/services to the survival of the organization.

ISO 22301 is available to any organization, regardless of its size or complexity of activity, that wants to manage its overall risks and develop the ability to plan and respond to incidents and interruptions in its activity or business. ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System is characterized by the proactive identification of the effects of the interruption since it identifies those processes and products/services that are crucial for the existence of the organization and establishes the responses that will be necessary in the event of an incident powerful to occur. ISO 22301 BCMS provides the organization with the ability to react appropriately and trying to not affect the operations productivity as much as possible.

We are going to explain what Google Classroom is and how it works. Google Classroom is a free tool to manage classes in the educational field. If you belong to a school, Google will ask you to use the professional G Suite account, but we will use the normal accounts so that you can see what can be done.

In this article we are not going to delve into explaining how to do each thing, but to teach you what the possibilities are. In this way, if you are considering using this tool you can get an idea of ​​how far it can go, and then it will be up to you to squeeze it to the maximum.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom


What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a tool created by Google in 2014, and intended exclusively for the educational world. Its mission is to enable a classroom to be managed collaboratively through the Internet , being a platform for learning management or the Learning Management System .

All the options of this tool are associated with a Google account , so that both the teacher and the students must have their Gmail, and their Google account will act as their identifier. This means that you will not have to create a specific account for this tool, since your Google identities will be used.

This Google tool allows you to manage online classes, and can be used both for face-to-face learning, also for 100% distance learning , or even for blended learning. Documents can be created, information shared in different formats, meetings can be scheduled and held virtually. Students can also access their classes, their notes or their assigned tasks from any device.

The main advantage of Google Classroom is that it is a totally free service, with having a Gmail account you already have access, and schools can access it with their G Suite accounts. It is also quite easy to use and incorporates real-time communication methods between teachers and students.

The tool allows assigning tasks selectively, allows documents to be shared with all classes, and facilitates the organization of information by generating automatic folder structures to organize resources. It has mobile and tablet applications in addition to the web client, so it can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

How to use Google Classroom?

To access Google Classroom, you have to be identified with your Google (or Gmail) account that you want to use within your browser. Once you have done so, you can use the website to access it directly. You can also enter from the main website of , by clicking on the applications button at the top right and selecting the Google Classroom that appears with the icon on the whiteboard.

How to use Google Classroom

How to use Google Classroom


The first time you enter, you will have to confirm that you want to use the account with which you are identified by clicking on Continue . If you click on your name, you can also choose the option to identify yourself with another account that you prefer to use instead.

Then click on the + button at the top right , and a small menu will be displayed where you can choose between entering an already created class or creating a new one . If you choose to join a class, it will ask you for the specific URL of that class, and if you click Create a class you will start the process to create a new one.

You will go to a screen that warns you that if you use Classroom in an educational center, you must manage it from a GSuite account for educational centers. After that warning, coming from pressing Create a class you will enter the screen where you have to write the class data . You have to give it a name, a section, choose the subject and specify a classroom.

After creating your new class, you can enter it. When you do, the first thing you will do is access the main board with the summary of your entire class. Above all you can see that there are several tabs with sections that you have to enter. But on the board you will already have direct access to create and schedule announcements, write normal publications or respond to those of the students.

How to use Google Classroom 1

How to use Google Classroom


If you enter the tab Classwork , is where you see all the tasks you have created. Here, you can click on the Create button to start creating content for your classroom, which can be tasks or questions, upload material or organize all the work in modules or units through the Topics option .

How to use Google Classroom

How to use Google Classroom


If you choose the option to create tasks , you will enter the creation tab where you can put a title and description. Below you can attach files from your PC, and create different types of office documents with Google tools. On the right you can specify the delivery dates, the topic to which the points obtained are and upload an evaluation guide. Here it is you who should take the time to familiarize yourself with the process and configure the tasks.

On the other hand, if you choose the option to upload material , you can attach files from a link, from your computer, from Google Drive or upload YouTube videos. This is didactic material that your students will be able to use to study, and to the right you can specify if all the students can see it or only some, and specify the topic.

Finally, if you enter the People tab you can add new students and teachers to your class by inviting them through their Gmail emails, which link to their Google accounts. In this list you can also manage students by silencing them or sending emails. There is a fourth Grades tab , where you will see each student’s grades depending on how you have been grading their assignments.

الأطفال و فيروس كورونا

الأطفال و فيروس كورونا

مع استمرار انتشار فيروس كورونا، المسمى ب COVID-19 ، من المهم جداً من البالغين التواصل مع الأطفال حول الموضوع.

  • تذكر دائماً “يولي الأطفال اهتمامًا وثيقًا لكيفية حديث البالغين عن فيروس كورونا”.

من أهم الأشياء التي يجب وضعها في عين الاعتبار أن الأطفال يتطلعون إلى الكبار لفهم العالم. لذلك، سوف يكون الأطفال قلقين إلى حد ما اعتمادًا على كيفية تواصل الكبار من حولهم معهم.

يحتاج كل من الأطفال والمراهقين إلى مساعدة البالغين لفهم هذا الوضع بشكل أكبر، فإن الأطفال و المراهقين ليس لديهم الكثير من الخبرة لوضع شيء مثل COVID-19 في المنظور.

إن الأطفال غالبًا ما يدركون ما يحدث أكثر مما يدركه البالغون. فضع في اعتبارك أن الأطفال غالبًا ما يستمعون إلى محادثات الكبار حتى عندما لا يبدو الأمر كذلك. من الأفضل التحدث إليهم مباشرة وتهدئتهم قدر الإمكان.

  • يجب على الكبار توفير بيانات دقيقة ومناسبة لعمر الطفل حول فيروس كورونا.

قبل التحدث إلى الأطفال، يجب على البالغين فهم البيانات والاستعداد لمشاركة المعلومات الصحيحة حتى يتمكن الأطفال من فهمها.

يجب على البالغين التواصل مع أطفالهم و إخبارهم بأن معظم من بفئتهم العمرية لا يصابون كثيرًا بفيروس الكورونا، ذلك سوف يساعدهم على تقليل القلق. و أيضا يجب على البالغين التأكيد على أطفالهم بضرورة البقاء في المنزل لتقليل خطر انتشار الفيروس.

  • ساعد الأطفال على التعامل مع القلق بشأن إغلاق المدارس.

من المحتمل أن يكون البقاء في المنزل وعدم التواصل الاجتماعي وضعًا مرهقًا للأطفال من أي فئة عمربة، لذا يحتاج البالغون إلى توفير بعض الآليات للأطفال للتعامل مع الموقف.

قد يكون الأطفال الصغار مرتبكين بشكل خاص بسبب التغيير ويتساءلون عما إذا كان أصدقاؤهم ما زالوا أصدقاءهم. حتى المراهقين، الذين يقضون الكثير من الوقت في استخدام الأجهزة الإلكترونية ، قد يشعرون باضطراب كبير في حياتهم الاجتماعية مع إغلاق المدارس.

فمن الضروري دعوة الأطفال والمراهقين لمشاركة ما يشعرون به حيال الانفصال عن أصدقائهم، ومساعدتهم على تنظيم خطط للحفاظ على هذه العلاقات عن طريق المكالمات الهاتفية أو  كتابة الرسائل النصية.

يمكن للبالغين أيضًا توضيح أنه في حين أن هذا الانقطاع صعب، إلا أنه مؤقت. و أن الأطفال سوف يعودون إلى المدارس، وسيعود البالغون إلى العمل، وأن الناس سوف يكونون قادرين على الإلتقاء في مجموعات كبيرة مرة أخرى.

و يجب على البالغين أن يشرحوا للأطفال أن كل هذه التغييرات، على سبيل المثال، إغلاق المدارس ، يتم إجراؤها لمنع انتشار الفيروس.

للمساعدة في تقليل القلق عند الأطفال، من الضروري على البالغين الحد من تعرض الأطفال للأخبار ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي. حتى المراهقين، الذين قد يستخدمون وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي للتواصل مع الأصدقاء، يحتاجون إلى أخذ استراحة من الإلكترونيات.

يحتاج الآباء إلى متابعة مراقبة استخدام أطفالهم لوسائل التواصل الاجتماعي، وضمان أن الأطفال والمراهقين لديهم أوقات لا يكونون فيها أمام الشاشة، خاصة في الليل.

  • تحدث إلى الأطفال للمساعدة في تخفيف القلق حول فيروس كورونا

هذه فرصة للأطفال لتعلم أنه عندما يتعلق الأمر بهم، من المهم جداّ التحدث عنه إلى الناس. فيمكنك أن تقول لأطفالك، عندما تشعرون بالقلق، يجب التحدث مع شخص بالغ بشأن ذلك لأنه يمكنه أن يقدم لك المساعدة.

يجب أن يفهم البالغون أن الأطفال يمكنهم الاستجابة بشكل مختلف للضغوط. قد يتصرف الأطفال بشكل سيئ، أو يصبحون أكثر اعتمادًا ، أكثر عصبية أو مفرط النشاط ، أو أكثر تطلبًا و تهييجاً. فالأطفال لا يدركون دائمًا أن سلوكهم قد تغير أو لماذا تغير، لذلك فهم بحاجة إلى الكبار لمساعدتهم على فهم مشاعرهم والتعبير عنها بطرق صحية.

يجب على الكبار بدء المحادثة مع أطفالهم وتشجيعهم على مشاركة كيف يفكرون وكيف يشعرون. تحدث عن كل أنواع المشاعر التي قد يشعر بها الطفل. “قد يكون بعض الأطفال قلقين للغاية بشأن مرضهم.قد يشعر بعض الأطفال بالسعادة لأنهم لا يضطرون للذهاب إلى المدرسة أو أنهم قد يفتقدون أصدقائهم.” شجع الطفل على المشاركة إذا كان لديه أي من هذه المشاعر أو أي شيء آخر.

غالبًا ما يستخدم الأطفال الالهاء كاستراتيجية للتكيف ، ويمكن أن يكون مفيدًا جدًا ؛ ومع ذلك ، يجب على البالغين مساعدتهم على التحدث عما يشعرون به حيال ما يحدث في حياتهم .

قد يستفيد الأطفال الأكبر سنًا والشباب من التذكير بمدى سهولة الابتعاد عن طريق التضليل أو الذعر الإعلامي عبر الإنترنت ، وقد يحتاجون إلى المساعدة في معرفة مصادر المعلومات الموثوقة وتعلم التحكم في ما يرونه على الشاشات .

  • اشرح لأطفالك أن البالغين يعملون على استمرار حمايتهم

إن فيروس كورونا COVID-19 هو وضع متغير، مع ذلك يمكن للبالغين أن يؤكدوا للأطفال أنه حتى إذا تغير الوضع، على سبيل المثال ، زيادة في وضع احتياطات السلامة، يتم ذلك حتى نكون جميعًا آمنين.

من المهم للأطفال أن يعرفوا أن هناك العديد من البالغين الذين يعملون بجد للتأكد من الحد من انتشار هذا الفيروس و إيجاد دواء له. و أيضاً يمكننا أن نقول لهم أن هناك أشخاص أذكياء للغاية يعملون بجد في هذا الأمر وأن المدارس مغلقة لأن البالغين اتخذوا هذا القرار لحمايتنا جميعًا.

Microsoft Teams is a hub where all teamwork is concentrated in Office 365. Manage all your team’s chats, meetings, files, and applications in one place.

What is Microsoft TEAMS?

Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform that brings together the best Office capabilities. Teams is based on chat-based communication and collaboration.

What sets Teams apart from their rivals is their seamless integration of apps trusted by business users every day, including messaging, Office 365, video conferencing, file sharing, collaborative editing, and Teams-based planning.

How Microsoft Teams Works

Teams makes it easy to create dedicated spaces for project teams, business units, work teams, and other groups to communicate and collaborate. By creating a ‘team’ and assigning users, organizations can establish private group chat rooms (called ‘channels’) to plan, manage and deliver work.

Each team can configure multiple channels to keep discussion topics focused and organized. For example, you can create a team for corporate services staff and use three separate channels to discuss social events, staff training, and process improvement.

The channels are easy to use and offer a familiar experience to other popular messaging applications. The conversations are grouped together in one thread so you can access all group chat messages in one place. Users receive notifications when a new message is available. Group calls and video chats can also be started with one click from each channel.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams and Office 365: a winning combination

Channel benefits are not limited to team chat. Microsoft Teams integrates a range of Office 365 capabilities including: SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Power BI, …

Team members can use channels to create, edit, and collaborate on documents and tasks, with each user’s changes visible in real time. Changes can also be automatically synchronized with OneDrive or SharePoint to ensure the latest version is always available and accessible.

Microsoft has big plans to continue improving computers over time, with nearly 200 updates currently in development on the product roadmap.

Teams Microsoft Features

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication platforms in the world, and for good reason. It is designed to meet the important communication and collaboration needs of business teams, regardless of location or device choice. Key features include:

Instant messaging

  • Instantly connect with team members at different locations and devices.
  • Private chat-based messaging
  • Group chat-based messages with access controls
  • Minimize email volumes between team members.
  • Allow team members to work more flexibly
  • Easy-to-read chat windows with full visible chat history
  • Seamlessly toggle between chat, voice calls, video calls and screen sharing
  • Receive and customize alerts for chat-based messages
  • Access GIFs, stickers, and emojis to support team culture and communication.

Voice and video calls

  • Make high-quality voice calls and video calls to individuals or groups
  • Call people anywhere in the world and from any device
  • Initiate voice or video calls with a single click
  • Use screen sharing to collaborate in real time from any location


  • Organize meetings, presentations and events for users anywhere in the world.
  • Provide a high-quality interactive video experience for up to 10,000 participants \
  • Easy access to documents and data stored in Office 365
  • Record meetings and calls so no one gets lost


  • Work flexibly by accessing Teams on the device that suits you: phone, tablet or laptop
  • Enjoy a perfect user experience, with Teams versions optimized for different devices.
  • Switch between devices without problems or delays
  • Experience high-quality video and audio from any device
  • View, edit and collaborate on documents in real time from any device

Applications and integrations

  • Integration of Office 365 capabilities into a single workspace including chat, voice and video calls, file sharing, collaboration, and planning
  • Access to plugins like Twitter, Trello, Google Analytics and more so teams can access the tools they need outside of Office 365 in one place
  • Create your own custom app, like QBot, for your team or organization

Security and compliance

  • Integrated security, compliance and management tools to optimize IT security
  • Advanced data protection capabilities
  • Granular access and security controls.
Microsoft TEAMS

Microsoft TEAMS


Why Microsoft TEAMS?

If you really want to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and make the most of your Office 365 investment, Microsoft Teams is the right collaboration platform.

Here are five reasons why companies choose TEAMS:

  1. Seamless integration with the rest of Office 365

One of Teams’ advantages over other collaboration software is that it integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and third-party applications. Users don’t need to switch applications to schedule a meeting, edit a Word document, or ask a colleague a question.

In addition, Teams puts all Office 365 communication and collaboration tools in one place, promoting user adoption and ensuring the maximum return on your Office 365 investment.

  1. A unique platform for collaboration and teamwork.

Keeping track of conversations and files is challenging when collaborating via email. With a Microsoft Teams solution, all documents and conversations are in one easy-to-access location. And because Teams is a cloud-based app, team members can edit documents together in real time.

  1. Communication on the go

The speed of work makes it necessary to have tools accessible from any device. Microsoft Teams can also schedule and join meetings, access files, and chat with colleagues on mobile devices.

  1. Customizable to meet the needs of your business.

Do you need a document signing workflow or bot to manage employee inquiries? Microsoft Teams has a set of applications and bots that you can use to improve functionality.

  1. Scheduling and organizing meetings is easy

Microsoft Teams meetings are easy to schedule, sync with Outlook, and have integrated audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities. For group meetings, you don’t need a dial number or PIN – everyone on the team can join.

When to use Microsoft TEAMS

What is the hardest part of getting started with Microsoft Teams solutions? Decide where to start.

The Microsoft Teams web app is flexible, customizable, and can be customized to fit almost any purpose. And while these are intrinsically positive traits, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by what is possible. Let’s see some practical examples:

Microsoft Teams for Customer Service Workers

From receptionists and retailers to customer service officers and medical professionals, front-line workers are the visible face of a company. Microsoft Teams services empower front-line workers by addressing the challenges associated with mobile, shift-based, and customer-oriented work. Provides:

  • A secure and integrated platform to communicate with employees at all locations.
  • 24/7 mobile access to company information
  • Mobile access to training materials.
  • Access to workforce management systems such as timesheets and rosters from a single platform (coming soon)
  • Tools to support, recognize and praise staff for their achievements.
  • Advanced messaging and security features to protect corporate data.

Microsoft Teams in education

As the workforce becomes more competitive, tomorrow’s students need highly developed collaborative skills and critical thinking. Schools and universities are looking for platforms like Microsoft Teams to unlock new ways to participate, collaborate and learn.

Microsoft Teams for HR

In today’s modern workplaces, employees are geographically dispersed, work flexibly, do their jobs online, and adopt new tools and technologies. And that has presented a series of new challenges for human resources personnel.

Microsoft Teams in sales and marketing

From brainstorming marketing campaigns through chat, to working on projects in creative, whiteboard-style digital workspaces, the Microsoft Teams web app simplifies sales and marketing communication.

Where to Invest with the Coronavirus Crisis?

Where to Invest with the Coronavirus Crisis?


The objective of today’s post is simple, as its title indicates, we are going to see how to make money with the Coronavirus crisis. For all those who have a tendency to be offended, I know that it doesn’t sound good at all to make money out of misfortunes, but the solution to eradicate this virus is not in my hands. The most I can do is comply with the prohibition not to leave home so as not to aggravate the situation, and I am doing it. That said, we must be aware that it is something that can harm or benefit our investments, so I have no ethical dilemma in trying to address this issue from an economic point of view. So, let’s try to save our finances.
First of all, it is important to highlight that nobody knows how things are going to turn out. Whether this crisis is going to subside next week, next month, or next year. Hence, there are two opposing views:

1. The Optimistic View
A cure is going to be discovered or the virus will simply disappear in the summer.

2. The Pessimistic View

The virus recreates itself and the situation we are in will continue for over a year.
Investment opportunities differ significantly depending on which view you follow. On the short term, I imagine there will be a thousand ways to take advantage of this situation: buy liters of disinfectant alcohol in bulk and sell it online, import medical masks and sell them on Instagram, trade in companies in the face of rumors of the creation of a vaccine to the Covid-19… Unfortunately, the option that I will propose here today is much more boring:
                                                                     Create a long-term investment portfolio!
Yes, I’m sorry. The title promised to be much more interesting, but it is what it is.
Ok, for those of you who want to keep on reading beyond this point, here is what I have to say…
In order to explain how you are supposed to create a long-term investment portfolio and make money from it, we will need to classify investments into three categories:
1. Growth Companies
Companies that are expected to grow amidst this crisis such as pharmaceutical and IT companies such as Alphabet, Facebook, and Zoom.

2. Wounded but not Dead Companies
Companies that have been impacted but are expected to come back strong once this crisis subsides. For instance, who would invest in Ryanair with how bad the airline sector is now that flights have been paralyzed globally?
Who would invest in oil with the current oil crisis and the price of crude oil plummeting?
Who would invest in a cruise company now that everyone is canceling their trips and no new hires are anticipated in this scenario?
Well, this is what I mean by “Wounded but not Dead Companies”. Something that nobody wants today but years from now, when we see it in retrospect, we realize that there is no evil that lasts forever.

3. Safe havens
Finally, to give a little balance, also invest in gold (of course) and stable companies that have not been affected much by this crisis such as: Disney, Altria, and Netflix.


Depending on your risk appetite, you can spread your investment among these three categories. A risk averse investor would put a bigger percentage of his funds in gold, whereas those with higher risk tolerance would put a bigger percentage of their investment in the other two categories.
With this clear, all that remains is to prepare our shopping list and establish prices at which you would be happy with the acquisition.