What is Salon Iris? 


Salon Iris is a management software for beauty salons and spas. Salon Iris acts as a POS (Point of Sale) and includes customer engagement functions as well, and it will guide your businesses to increase profitability.

Even if the salon was closed Salon Iris will allow customers to book appointments online, and it will send reminders to them to reduce no-shows.

The application also can assist spas and salons in managing their operations with payroll, staff scheduling, and inventory tracking.

Alongside the desktop version, Salon Iris is also available as a mobile version so you will always have access to your salon and spa operations.


Salon Iris Dashboard

Salon Iris Dashboard

Salon Iris main benefits

Integrated POS

Salon Iris offers easy clients checkout with its integrated barcode scanning and credit/debit card processing. And if a client wants to pay using coupons or gift cards, the application simplifies their redemption.

Electronic appointment booking and management

Even if the salon was closed Salon Iris will allow customers to book appointments online, and it will send reminders to them to reduce no-shows. This will increase business profitability since bookings can be accepted even outside working hours.


With over than 200 kinds of reports, Salon Iris allows managers to monitor how well their businesses are doing, so they know which aspects they need to improve or take advantage of.

Salon Management

Salon Iris allows businesses to manage their payroll process within the system that also takes into consideration commissions and bonuses. It will also help in managing staff scheduling.

With Salon Iris, you can keep track of your inventory. No more missing key products so the business will continue offering services without any disruption.

Mobile version

Alongside the desktop version, Salon Iris is also available as a mobile version for both android and iOS platforms, so you will always have access to your salon and spa operations.


Salon Iris Features

  • Standing Appointments
  • Color-Coded Appointments
  • Room Availability Notifications
  • Mobile Management Access
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Inventory Modifications
  • Service Detail Updates
  • Payroll Management
  • Client Purchase Tracking
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Coupons and Gift Cards Support
  • Dashboard
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Customized and Targeted Promotions
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Automatic Data Back-Up
  • User Access and Controls
  • Loyalty Program
  • Salon Appointment Booking
  • Digital Invoices
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Quick Appointment Confirmations
  • Appointment Reminders


Managing a salon comes with a unique set of challenges. Booking appointments, managing inventory, tracking sales, and scheduling room bookings are all part of the day-to-day activities of a salon. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of a salon business to manage however, is the control of consumables used to perform services.

Consumption of such shampoos, creams, and cosmetics can be difficult if not impossible to track. Consumption can vary depending on the beautician and the nature of the skin and hair of the client. An additional complexity would immerge if the same products used in the services are also sold to clients. Inventory would have to be separated into two classes, those for sale and those for internal use.

It is clear to see that things can get complicated fairly quickly in a beauty salon. Without a capable salon management software, it would be difficult even to differentiate between sales and internal consumption of products.

Salon Iris is an award-winning salon management software. Amongst its other features, it includes the “backbar” option which allows salons to segregate inventories of products that are on sale to customers from products that are intended to be used internally.

Backbar represents the amount of the business’ supplies that are used to perform services. For each service performed by an employee, that employee may earn a commission based on a formula of (price minus backbar) times commission percentage. For example, a salon charges its clients 50$ for a haircut and pays its employees a 50% commission for performing the service. The salon owner estimates that during a typical haircut, 10$ worth of gel is used. The salon owner may create a service in the software called haircut with a price of 50$ and a backbar of 10$. Based on the above formula, the employee would earn (50$-10$) x 50%, or 20$ in commission.

Additionally, if consumption varies depending on the employee, this can be easily configured through setting up different backbar amounts for each employee.

For more information on Salon Iris and other business management software, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our offices in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE. Feel free to visit our website for more information or fill out our contact form so one of our customer service representatives can respond to your inquiry.

Obtaining and utilizing a point of sale system may seem like a hectic mess that would cost you a substantial amount of money that may be used elsewhere, however, upon further evaluation, the point of sale system will benefit you and your business remarkably.

To begin with, there are two categories of systems, one which is aimed towards retail stores as well as the other category which caters for restaurants and hotels, which is commonly known as the hospitality category.
Point of sale systems provide several benefits, some of these benefits lie within scanning accuracy, which means that scanning a product’s barcode to identify what it is and display the unit price is considerably more accurate than punching numbers from a sticker on the product or for the employee to memorize most if not all product prices, which reduces employee errors.


Moreover, POS systems allow the user to view and manage their inventory, flag items that are on demand to be reordered with the next shipment, and analyze sales patterns.


Furthermore, point of sale systems reallocate the back-office labor by having the employees work with customers, fulfill omnichannel orders and improve throughput at registers.


Other benefits include but are not limited to performing reconciliation functions easily and efficiently. In other words, if you have multiple POS systems in one location or in several locations, all the data can be automatically transferred to a single database, which in turn reduces reconciliation labor.



In addition, point of sale systems are in their very basis cash registers, however, due to being built upon a computer, it allows the user to enter a new world of data related to their business.

In summary, the added flow of detailed information in terms of sales helps business owners to come up with more effective business ideas and gives them the tools to evaluate their efficiency. To learn more about our POS systems and services that we offer in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE, please visit our POS services page.


aldelo bahrain pos logo larg

Point of sale software, or POS software for short, have revolutionized the restaurants industry, particularly the fast food sector. Aldelo is one of the best POS software which contains many features that restaurant owners will find useful in running their business.

One of the best features in Aldelo which sets it out amongst other restaurant POS software is that it is user friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn. This means less time and money will be spent on training your team and more time utilized to tending to your customers.

Aldelo makes managing orders easy. Your servers will be able to transfer orders from one table to another or divide bills with just a few taps so they can accept payments as soon as customers are ready to pay. Moreover, Aldelo will you to process discounts and, if needed, you can limit the use of the discount feature by setting permissions and authority levels to each employee.

With Aldelo’s Enterprise Cloud subscription, you will be able to access your Aldelo restaurant management software’s back-end features from your tablet or any computer that has a browser and an internet connection. This will allow you to get all kinds of reports, including sales, voids, discounts, and more. Aldelo surpasses several of the best restaurant POS systems in its scheduling tools, a feature that many of its competitor’s lack. Another feature worth mentioning is its countdown list, which shows managers and servers a list of the menu items the restaurant is running out of.

Through the Aldelo Touch subscription, your servers will be able to take orders using an iPad. You can add images of your menu items on the app which is a useful feature for overcoming any language barriers between your customers and servers.

Aldelo Restaurant POS software includes the ability to add order modifiers, which helps you deliver orders to your customers’ custom specifications.

H.A. Consultancies are proud to be an Aldelo partner extending services to clients in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. To learn more about Aldelo and our other restaurant POS solutions, please visit our POS solutions page.


While you are waiting in queue at your favorite supermarket, rather than looking at the back of the customer in front of you, you try to find something interesting around you.


The perfectly displayed chocolate bars remind you of your hunger, so you decide to grab one. And that pack of 16 AA batteries looks interesting, and you remember how many remotes laying around in your house that will need couple of batteries. Finally, you reach the cash teller to complete your purchase only to find a receipt filled with extra items you did not wish to purchase in the first place.


The scenario above is called point of sale marketing. Point of sale marketing is all the efforts that will help you increase sales at the point of the actual sale. The most popular method is by displaying items alongside signage, and suggestive selling by the cash register teller.


Here are some ideas to help you sell more at your point of sale:


M&Ms Display

M&Ms Display


  • Grasp attention

Colorful and bright designs will attract the customer eyes. Use bold and large fonts that will match the design of the item to let the item shining from the display stand.

Try me Smart Lock

Try me Smart Lock

  • Feature Based

Try to communicate the benefits of the product to the customer in a clear and fun way. Also, add motivating call to action like “Buy Now” or “Try me” to create a desire.


  • Value added features

Adding coupons or immediate promotion such as buy one get one free will create that desire needed to help make the purchase.


  • Showcase your product

Visualize the use of your product or show a happy customer enjoying your product with a photo, video or a person in action.


QR Marketing

QR Marketing


  • Online integration

QR codes will allow customers to interact with the product using their mobile phones. Try to print a QR code into the product to enhance the experience of the buyer.


Here at H.A. Consultancies we help you set your marketing goals and implement them. Start your business right by requesting a meeting with our marketing consultants and our ICT consultants to provide you with the best POS hardware and software in Bahrain.



As a restaurant owner, you might have run your business in the past without a POS (Point of Sale) system. Undoubtedly, it demanded a lot of effort from you and your staff. Having to write down the order and pass it verbally or by hand to the kitchen staff where it is routed to the appropriate preparation stations. Then, once the order is prepared, which might consist of various dishes and drinks that were prepared in different stations, the order is combined and delivered to the customer. The customer will then have to pay for his meal, if he hasn’t already, and a manually written receipt will have to be prepared and given to him upon his request. All of this and we didn’t even talk about call handling, order changes, order cancellations, deliveries, and all the other day-to-day activities that have to be managed during normal restaurant operations. It is obvious to see why such a manual operation could lead to numerous operational breakdowns since it is highly dependent on human interactions and could lead to frustration between staff members in case a mistake should ever occur in a customer’s order.

With a restaurant POS system however, each member of the restaurant’s staff would have his own authentication credentials and authorization level on the system. This would hold them accountable for any action they perform since their activities are logged in the system and could limit their authorities to the activities they are assigned to. Whenever an order is entered into the system, each item ordered will be printed or displayed on the corresponding preparation station in the kitchen automatically. Whenever a new customer calls, the waiter or waitress attending the call could enter his details into the system with a few clicks so that in the future, if he ever calls again, his details such as his name, address and order history would pop up automatically on the screen facilitating a much quicker and efficient operation.

With the right reporting insights, the business owner can see how his restaurant is performing and eliminate any costs that do not add value. In addition to that, the restaurant owner would be able to determine the fast-moving items and the busy periods of the restaurant so he can manage his resources more effectively. Plenty of reports can be generated from the system and if there is a special requirement, a custom report could be developed.

Our team of consultants at H.A. Consultancies will be happy to assist you in choosing between the different types of software and hardware and identify the best restaurant POS system to meet your needs. H.A. Consultancies has a vast experience in implementing POS solutions across Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.



Running a restaurant business comes with long list of challenges. We regularly get restaurant owners asking us how would installing a POS system would help their business, but they do not want the usual answer of streamlining operations or keeping records of sales. They are more interested in understanding how a POS system would help them with internal control, specifically keeping record of inventories and ensuring that all sales transactions are in fact recorded. If you are one of these restaurant Bahrain owners, please read on.


coso cube

Coso cube


Internal control is an important factor in running any business. Segregation of duties and physical stock counts are cornerstones of internal control policies. However, with a restaurant, it is a bit more difficult to implement such internal control policies for a simple reason, cooking is an art, not a science. It would be challenging if not impossible to measure exactly how much of each ingredient was used to prepare a dish. While you might start with a recipe, the final dish might need a bit more salt or a little less sugar than what was initially anticipated. So how would a POS system adapt to these variations?

Well, it is not simple. Loading the recipes into the POS system is a first step, however, it is usually an iterative process. During the first few months of installing a restaurant POS system, inventory depletion will have to be monitored closely. It is not unusual to find that there are huge variations between the recipe and the actual consumption. The recipes in the POS system will have to be updated regularly during the first few months to better reflect actual consumption. Even when that is done, however, you should still expect some variations between actual and planned consumption. The idea is to minimize these variations to an acceptable sustainable range.

Once the recipe is locked, it would be easier to track variations in consumption. The POS system Bahrain will calculate the quantities that should be available in the raw materials inventory by deducting the amounts required to prepare each dish that is ordered from the opening inventory. Physical stock counts will still have to be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that all variations are accounted for. If any abnormal variations are noticed, an investigation can be carried out to identify the root cause.


Aldelo bahrain POS Summary Report

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of maintaining such a system is accounting for new inventories that are purchased. Reports from the POS Bahrain system will be useless if the data is not accurate. Entering purchases into the system is usually an activity that is overlooked with the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day operations of a restaurant.

With a properly configured system, restaurant owners usually report an increase in profits of about 30%. This increase in profits can be attributed to a variety of reasons. The fact that a POS system exists, in itself, is reason enough for employees to become more conscious about their actions. Kitchen staff will become more careful with the use of ingredients and perhaps become less generous than they previously were. Waiters and cashiers will become more careful when taking and punching in orders because they now know that if they make a mistake, it will all be recorded in the POS system under their name.

At H.A. Consultancies, we take pride in the fact that we are able to help businesses reach their full potential by employing technology that best suites them. There are a variety of POS Bahrain systems available in the market, each with its own set of pros and cons. H.A. Consultancies is a partner with some of the world leading POS system software and hardware providers such as Aldelo Bahrain, Xera POS Bahrain, PixelPoint Bahrain, POSbank Bahrain, and FEC Bahrain. If you are not sure which system is the best match for you, it would be our pleasure to help.

 POS Marketing

A Point of Sale (POS) system is a retail management system that tracks the time and location of sales transactions. It also calculates the amount owed by the customer and provides receipts upon completion of a purchase.

The functionalities of POS systems nowadays have extended vastly. Most point of sales track customer details such as name, phone number, email, address, and purchase history. There are multiple ways to export and collect the customer information from the point to sale either by the point of sale software or by the point of sale database.


POS Customer Database

POS Customer Database


So, now we have our customer’s details, what is next?




POS adding customer

POS adding customer


Digital Re-marketing is a smart way to connect with customers of your retail store or restaurant who may have not made any recent purchases. This technique aims to enhance brand awareness which should encourage your customers to make more purchases in the future.

While the employees of the retail store or restaurant can always upsell or cross sell while the customer is physically in the shop, a digital marketer would be able to upsell to the customer by highly targeted and personalized advertisements while he is at the comfort of his home. This is made possible thanks to the data gathered and stored on the POS system which allows the digital marketer to analyse customer preferences and purchasing trends.




Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


The employees of the retail shop or restaurant must attempt to have the customer leave a trail. Any kind of trail will be beneficial. The customer name for example is essential to produce a more personalized advertisement. Moreover, the employees can try to have the customer’s contact details such as phone number and an email.

Phone numbers can be targeted by bulk SMS messaging platform to enhance the customer experience or to advertise offers and promotions.

While emails can be kept in an email database that can be imported to an email bulk messaging platform such as Mail Chimp.




H.A. Consultancies can provide you with all the point of sale hardware and software needed to start your business. You can visit our Digital Marketing Page to know more about our digital marketing packages.